House Republican Caucus Agenda

The House Republican Caucus has set its agenda for the next session of the General Assembly beginning in 2011.  Please see below for details.

  • Building Trust by Increasing Transparency: The House Republicans pushed the on-the-record voting bill through the House last year, but unfortunately, the bill was never considered by the Senate. In 2011, we will continue the fight for more on-the-record voting so we all know how our representatives vote.
  • Securing our State’s Finances with Spending Limits: The House Republicans will, for the sixth time in 15 years, approve spending caps for South Carolina’s budget. Spending limits will smooth the wild swings in the state budget that hurt the people we count on every day such as teachers and police officers.
  • Securing our Elections by Requiring a Photo ID: Four out of five Americans support showing a photo ID to prove who they are when they vote. Who is the fifth person? One of the 96 percent of the Democrats filibustered, stalled, and fought this legislation.
  • Fighting Illegal Immigration: The House Republicans will use an expanded majority to push through an Arizona-style immigration bill – building on the successes of our 2008 immigration legislation.  Early indications are this law is working, but we can do more to ensure we welcome legal immigrants and discourage illegal immigrants from settling in our state.
  • Building a Stronger Economy through Tort Reform: Small- and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and the engine that will lower our unemployment problem. Protecting the businesses owned by your friends and neighbors from the ongoing threat of a debilitating lawsuit will lower costs and boost job creation. The House Republican Caucus will pass tort reform legislation in 2011.